Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flower Clips on Nylon Headbands

So, here are the flower clips I make to sell. (Don't worry I have plenty saved up for Scarlett!) The flowers are hot glued to alligator clips and the headbands have either a ribbon wrapped around it or a piece of nylon, so that you can interchange the flower. Some nylon bands are smaller and some larger to accomodate different size baby or toddler heads. That is why you see the S/M or M/L on the card. So cute! As Koy says!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Large Wipes Case

These are flower clips I made to clip onto these neutral shoes. These were actually Koy's shoes. It is just hard to find plain baby girl shoes, so dug these out and doctored them up with a little girly stuff and now I can change up the flowers/colors with the outfit she is wearing!

So here is the big wipes case I made to match Scarlett's crib set. I really wanted some kind of bird button, but couldn't find one, so went with the hearts, but they are cute too. Her crib blanket is underneath.