Wednesday, December 2, 2009


These red gingerbread bows turned out so cute. They are for sisters. These are called boutique bows. There is a large 6 inch, 7/8ths bow on the bottom and a 6 inch, 5/8ths stacked on top with marabou and a gingerbread girl to top it off.

A Christmas tree bow I made to go with an appliqued Christmas tree shirt I will make for Scarlett. This has a large 6 inch 7/8ths tree ribbon boutique bow on the bottom, with 2, 3/8ths loopy bows stacked on top, then a 5 inch 7/8ths brown ribbon, with white marabou and a green fuzzy tree to top it off.

This is the bow I made for Scarlett to wear on Thanksgiving. It is a boutique maroon, stacked with 2 loopies, and another boutique. I wanted to put a turkey resin in the middle, but couldn't find one.
These cute pinwheel bows are for the same sisters. I layered 1 1/2 in giraffe and 7/8ths hot pink for this look. One is 5 inches , one is 6.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Shirts

Here is the first finished turkey applique shirt.
These are the turkey shirts I appliqued for my cutie pies to wear on Thanksgiving. They turned out cuter then I imagined! Scarlett is wearing a brown Kufi hat and a fall bow that I made to match! Precious! Watch for more appliqued shirts because I think I am addicted. I am planning a Christmas one soon!

Scarlett's Tutu

This is a picture of my baby girl when she was new. I made this beautiful tutu out of purple, pink, and green tulle, and pink satin ribbon, and then clipped on a flower clip I also made to polish it off. She is beautiful too, if I don't say so myself!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Burp Rags

I made all of these for the craft fair too. Most I still have, so if you are interested let me know. The peanut shaped ones have chenille or minky dot on the back and are oh so soft!

Knit Blankets

Here are some cute knit blankets that I made. I got the idea because I am breastfeeding in the summer, which is so hot. I love the lightweight blankets that are a good size, and that is exactly what these are. I actually made these for a craft fair. The pink and brown sold, but the others are still for sale. I am charging 25.00.

Trinket box make over

My sisters and I have been looking for a cute jewelry box for our baby girls. I found these cute trinket boxes at hobby lobby, but obviously it was for wedding stuff, so I paper mache'd (sp) it, and voila, a cute jewelry box. To make it even better, I got them on clearance for $2.40. I didn't tell Anne and Rachel about them though. I sent them just yesterday to Utah. I can't wait til they get there. I also put in the boxes matching bracelets for all our girls and some bows I made.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flower Clips on Nylon Headbands

So, here are the flower clips I make to sell. (Don't worry I have plenty saved up for Scarlett!) The flowers are hot glued to alligator clips and the headbands have either a ribbon wrapped around it or a piece of nylon, so that you can interchange the flower. Some nylon bands are smaller and some larger to accomodate different size baby or toddler heads. That is why you see the S/M or M/L on the card. So cute! As Koy says!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Large Wipes Case

These are flower clips I made to clip onto these neutral shoes. These were actually Koy's shoes. It is just hard to find plain baby girl shoes, so dug these out and doctored them up with a little girly stuff and now I can change up the flowers/colors with the outfit she is wearing!

So here is the big wipes case I made to match Scarlett's crib set. I really wanted some kind of bird button, but couldn't find one, so went with the hearts, but they are cute too. Her crib blanket is underneath.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wipes Clutches

I made these diaper wipes cases to keep and hopefully to sell. Some of them have elastic on the back to put diapers under. Aren't they cute?

Nursing Latches

These are nursing latches. They are the coolest idea. All you do is latch them onto your baby's blanket and around your neck when nursing. That way the blanket stays secure and can't be pulled down while nursing. I love it because I have so many cute blankets already that I didn't want to buy one of those "hooter hiders," etc.

Bib and Burp Rag

A burp rag I crocheted around the edges and a bib with towel material I made for a friend.

Baby bracelet

I made this bracelet as a gift for a friend. It has mostly purple and pink beads, some brown. I can't figure out how to get a better picture of it with my camera. Oh well.

Rachel's Rag Quilt Gift

My sister Rachel gave Anne and I this little blanket for our babies, but I wanted to make it a bit larger, so I added the pink trim around the edges. Thanks Rach!

Bean Bag Chair

I finally finished Koy's bean bag that I have had the stuff for. I was afraid to start the project because I wasn't sure I would be able to do it, but once I started it wasn't hard at all. I even put a zipper in the bottom so I can wash the faux fur cover. It is made of a two toned blue fur that is so soft and matches the decor of my front room. Koy's birthday is in a month, so I finished just in time! I think I will make another one sometime later when Scarlett comes along.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Magnet Board

I found this magnet board on clearance, but the wood on it was like barn wood. Since that's not my favorite, I cut moulding to size and glued it on top and then spray painted it with a black gloss color and then added a satin ribbon (not pictured). A good improvement I think! I also made the magnets. Just get clear rocks and decopauge scrapbook paper to the back, then hot glue magnet.

Koy's Room

Here is a picture of my son, Koy's room. I saw the paint idea in a pottery barn magazine and copied it. (I love doing that!) To get the round dots on the border all I did was use two different sized stencil sponges. I also made the diaper stacker and wipes case that matched his crib set. It's just craft board with material glued on. The furniture was in a pile at someones house to give away, so I snagged them, painted them, and put on crystal knobs.

Leopard Print Pom Poms

I love pom pom trim, so when I saw this leopard print one I had to use it on something. I decided to juice up my towels in my jungle bathroom and then looked around and saw that I could attach it to the cabinent as well. This stuff is all in the same bathroom as my jungle animal paintings.


We lived in a cute rental house when we first moved to Manhattan and the land lord let me paint! I was so excited! My first time! I decided to put this quote, "Too blessed to be stressed" on the kitchen door. I got these rub on letters at Hobby Lobby, way cheaper than vinyl lettering.

Christmas Table Runner

This is a table runner that I made to go with my Christmas Decor. The edge is a sueded brown material and there are jingle bells betweeen the edge of the materials.

Family History Tree

This is a family tree that I made. My sister Anne gave me the idea. It is just scrapbook paper with family names on the leaves and trunk of the tree. I love how it came out and the different styles you could do are endless.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shabby Chic Chair

Here is a chair that I found in the dumpster. All I did was sand and paint and then put on new foam and upholstery fabric. I love it, and it was free! It will be perfect for Scarlett's room.

Baby Scarlett's burp rags!

So, these are the first things I made for baby Scarlett. Since, then I've gone wild, but I still need to take pictures! Starting from the bottom up, the first is a Hawaiin print and if you look closely I sewed on 2 small flowers. The second is an apples with hearts in the middle print with red ruffle trim, the next is poppies with pink pom-pom trim. Next, jungle print with green mini ric-rac, a purple and pink polka dot print with pom-pom and pink velvet trim (and my mom is going to embroider Scarlett's name on the top), and next is pink flower material with baby blue ric-rac and a cute blue flower sewn on, and finally shabby chic turquois material with hot pink ruffle trim.