Wednesday, December 2, 2009


These red gingerbread bows turned out so cute. They are for sisters. These are called boutique bows. There is a large 6 inch, 7/8ths bow on the bottom and a 6 inch, 5/8ths stacked on top with marabou and a gingerbread girl to top it off.

A Christmas tree bow I made to go with an appliqued Christmas tree shirt I will make for Scarlett. This has a large 6 inch 7/8ths tree ribbon boutique bow on the bottom, with 2, 3/8ths loopy bows stacked on top, then a 5 inch 7/8ths brown ribbon, with white marabou and a green fuzzy tree to top it off.

This is the bow I made for Scarlett to wear on Thanksgiving. It is a boutique maroon, stacked with 2 loopies, and another boutique. I wanted to put a turkey resin in the middle, but couldn't find one.
These cute pinwheel bows are for the same sisters. I layered 1 1/2 in giraffe and 7/8ths hot pink for this look. One is 5 inches , one is 6.

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